Our active themed events are planned with as much focus on the after party as on the activity itself, with the belief that a good workout deserves a sweet reward. We like to think that fitness should be fun, and we intend on proving that to our participants and spectators with each themed event and after party that follows.

East End-eavor Tour East End-eavor

Enjoy the breathtaking views of Saint John and other surrounding islands as your fun & informative tour guide steers you through the swaying palm trees during this 5K all-terrain guided running or power-walking tour located on the beautiful East End of Saint Thomas.

Historic Waterfront Tour

Soak in the rich history of Charlotte Amalie in this guided running or power-walking tour that takes you straight from the cruise ships along the waterfront to the heart of downtown Saint Thomas and back. Enjoy stunning views of the harbor and Hassel Island while you pass through over 15 historic sites.

Active VI*P Club

Membership packages are available to local residents granting unlimited access to VI・P-exclusive weekly runs, all guided tours, and discounted entry to events and much more! Experience the benefits of group running: Motivation, socialization, safety, healthy competition, and more.




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